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How to Install Window Boxes – Hang a Window Box

Installing window boxes is a fun DIY project and proper care should be take to do it right! There are many brackets nowadays that hook to your window or railing and allow you to just sit the window box on top. This is fine if your window box is small and you don’t plan on filling it with potting soil. However, if your window box is larger than 30″ and/or it will need to support more weight than just fake flowers, it’s imperative that you install your window boxes in a safe and secure manner so that it doesn’t shift, fall, or break. Decorative window box brackets can be added, but should rarely be used as the goto method for supporting a window box. Most decorative window box brackets are either faux brackets or they are not designed to be structurally secured to the home themselves, but to act as a decorative accent to the window box. Continue reading

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Painting Window Boxes

Window boxes are designed to be a part of the house and as such, color selection is crucial to matching or complementing your home. This article covers how to choose the right color for your home to get the best effect. Window boxes are usually painted to match the trim, shutters, or siding of the home. Continue reading

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How to Repair Rotting Window Boxes

Ok, so you bought a wooden window box and it was absolutely gorgeous when you first installed it. You remember it like it was yesterday, but now it’s starting to show signs of rot and decay and problems are starting to loom. The real problem is that it really does seem like just yesterday that you put it up. That’s because the average wooden window box only lasts 3 years. In many cases signs of rot begin to show in as little as months. Continue reading

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