White and Black Window Boxes – Plastic Window Boxes

Two of the most desirable colors in a window box are white and black and there’s a very good reason why.  Neutral colors tend to contrast with hanging flowers, plants, and vines allowing foliage to showcase in the best possible way.  White also tends to be the most popular color of window surrounds and trim making white window boxes the popular choice for a home and window match.  Black window boxes, on the other hand, are one of the most historic colors and are in keeping with tradition as a popular accent color. They contrast the most making them a great choice for a home that lacks a lot of color and character to it.  Nowadays, there are many plastics that have become popular material choices for making planters due to their white base color, paintability, and longevity.  AZEK window boxes and Versatex window boxes are two types of architectural PVC materials which have become gold standards in the industry.  Continue reading

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Balcony Railing Planters – French and European Window Boxes

If you plan to decorate your home with planters and you want to do it like the Europeans, remember the golden rule: if a planter can go there put one there.  Utilize every space on your home to do so and don’t be shy.   That’s because when you go to Europe, everywhere you look you will see window boxes.  Window boxes are no longer just for decoration, they’ve become an integral part of the architectural style.  Leading innovations are the French and Europeans with their rich traditions and window box history.  Lately, it has become the trend to not only place them in windows but to place them virtually everywhere from on staircases to planters hanging over balconies.    French and European window box concepts have not only become the norm overseas, but their influence has stretched far and wide to the continental United States as well. Continue reading

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Tropical Gardening in Planters During the Winter

Tropical Garden Planter

Lightweight planters for indoor and outdoor use are ideal for tropical plants.

Using movable planters or planters on wheels to do tropical gardening is an exotic way to make your home look like a private tropical retreat and keep your exotic tropical plants thriving year round.  Tropical plants are becoming more popular and available locally due to their exotic colors, demand, and performance during the late fall and early winter seasons when most local flowers begin to fade.  There are a wide range of tropical plants that can be brought indoors during the early winter season and back outdoors during the rest of the year for a full year of enjoyment and color.  Many people who are used to emptying out their planters during the winters are finding that moving tropical plants indoors allows them to thrive where they can withstand mild winters and show off exotic colors that most flowers just can’t capture late in the year and during the winter holidays.   Continue reading

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How to Install Window Boxes – Hang a Window Box

Installing window boxes is a fun DIY project and proper care should be take to do it right!  There are many brackets nowadays that hook to your window or railing and allow you to just sit the window box on top.  This is fine if your window box is small and you don’t plan on filling it with potting soil.  However, if your window box is larger than 30″ and/or it will need to support more weight than just fake flowers, it’s imperative that you install your window boxes in a safe and secure manner so that it doesn’t shift, fall, or break.  Decorative window box brackets can be added, but should rarely be used as the goto method for supporting a window box.  Most decorative window box brackets are either faux brackets or they are not designed to be structurally secured to the home themselves, but to act as a decorative accent to the window box. Continue reading

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Measuring Windows for Window Boxes

When installing a window box, it’s very important that you get the size measured properly.  There’s nothing worse than an undersized window box planter or a severly oversized planter.  Many window box manufacturers specify window box lengths that can include the outer trim.  This can leave the actual box itself shorter than desired and sometimes means getting a window box that is smaller than the length of the window itself.  Continue reading

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Window Box Gardening

Window box gardening is the latest craze in the United States.  With the advent of affordable, low maintence alternatives to wood such as vinyl and PVC window boxes, window box gardening is back after taking a break for several decades.  Window box planting can be fun, creative, and challenging all at once.  The hardest part is deciding what to plant inside.  Continue reading

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Custom Window Boxes, Custom Built Window Box, Custom Made Flower Boxes

Ahh…window boxes, who doesn’t love them.  There’s nothing more beautiful than a house lit up with window box all over the front.  There’s only one problem with that, most windows vary in size and this means finding a window box that accomodate three or maybe four different window sizes.  A lot of window box manufacturers nowadays make window boxes only in a few sizes or sometimes only one size!  This is great, if that happens to be your size, but how often is that actually the case?  Continue reading

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Window Box Herbs

Deck Rail Garden Box

Bring the garden to your deck with a rail top planter box

As a landscape enthusiast I love to listen and hear about what people are doing with their home and landscaping and especially if they have a window box.  I want to know what arrangement of flower and plants they have chosen and what kind of curb appeal they are getting out of it.  On the flip side, the garden enthusiast in me also wants to know if someone has chosen to use a window box for gardening purposes as well.  Window boxes are a beautiful and easy way to bring your garden right up to your home…and on your home.  Continue reading

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Builders Using Window Boxes to Help Sell Homes

With the housing market in a slump it’s no surprise that every home builder is looking for an edge over his competitors.  The exterior of a home is often the first thing a potential homebuyer will look at and it can set the entire mood before they even set foot in the door.  A great first impression on the outside can often make up for a lackluster inside.  Alternatively, a bad first impression on the outside can often keep potential homebuyers from acknowledging the great assets on the inside of a well done home.  Continue reading

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Commercial Planters – Custom-Built PVC Planters

Lately, many businesses are using commercial planters in front of their buildings to appeal to their clients.  It’s not a bad idea, because it does this three different ways:

1. It adds a touch of credibility and professionalism to the businesses
2. It creates good subconscious vibes for the customer as they walk by
3. It gives curb appeal and attracts potential clients inward Continue reading

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